Style, substance, sustainability

Your bed is a place of sanctuary, the place you escape to, to relax, restore and revive body and soul. So it’s only natural you’d want the softest, lightest, silkiest bed linen to ensure you enjoy the best sleep possible.

At Undercover, we produce distinctly modern, high quality bed linen with strong environmental credentials. 

The finest fabrics

Our premium bed linen blends the finest quality cotton with a revolutionary botanical yarn, TENCEL™, to create an exquisite lightweight textile that’s both soft and crisp – guaranteed to give you a wonderful night’s sleep.

When it comes to thread count, it’s quality not quantity that matters. Many manufacturers up their thread count with inferior, short staple cotton yarns. At Undercover, we insist on long staple yarn derived from larger cotton bulbs. This produces a much finer yarn that’s more resistant to pilling and wear. 

About Tencel

Made in Portugal

All our bed linen comes from the medieval Portuguese town of Guimarães, a region known globally for its expertise in home textiles. Our textiles are made by a family-owned business that’s been crafting high quality bed linen for decades.

Meet our factory

Certified biodegradable

Undercover yarn is certified by Austrian company Lenzing which produces the trademarked TENCEL™ derived from FSC certified eucalyptus and other plant pulps. It holds the European Award for the Environment from the EU and is certified as biodegradable and compostable. 

Hello from Undercover

I'm Miriam and I started Undercover in 2018. With a background in branding and design, I saw an opportunity for a home textiles brand with a fresh and exciting approach: a contemporary, clean aesthetic united with a dedication to quality and sustainability.