Sleep easy

Our premium bed linen blends the finest quality cotton with a revolutionary botanical yarn, TENCEL™, to create an exquisite lightweight textile that’s both soft and crisp – guaranteed to give you a wonderful night’s sleep.

Made from trees

Choose to sleep in TENCEL™ and you’re opting for one of the world’s most sustainable materials. This super soft, luxurious yarn (also known as lyocell) is made from sustainably grown botanicals such as eucalyptus that produce a silky smooth, soft and lightweight texture.

Fibres used in TENCEL™ are derived from trees that are harvested from controlled sources following stringent guidelines. All pulp  is either FSC® or PEFC™ certified.

Breathable and antibacterial

The cellulose fibres in TENCEL™ regulate the absorption and release of moisture during the night while its anti-bacterial qualities help your bed to stay fresh and clean for longer.

Skin feels cool and dry throughout the night due to Tencel's higher moisture uptake than cotton helping to regulate your body heat.

Kind to your skin, kind to the planet

If you think cotton is the only quality textile for bed linen think again. TENCEL™ is much more environmentally friendly than cotton because it requires far less water and pesticides to grow. Not only that, TENCEL™ is manufactured using an extremely environmentally-friendly production process; its responsible, closed loop production process recycles water and reuses solvents at a recovery rate of more than 99%. And because it comes from plants, TENCEL™ is biodegradable too. 

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Soft and gentle

Breathable & anti-bacterial

Long lasting

Temperature regulating