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Undercover with: Dagsmejan

As part of our new blog series, we'll be introducing you to a new brand with each post with 7 short questions. First up, we've got Catarina Dahlin from sleepwear brand Dagsmejan.

1. What do you do at Dagsmejan and what is it about?
I’m Catarina Dahlin, one of the co-founders at Dagsmejan. Our mission is to help people to sleep better with the help of what is closest to our skin for a third of our lives, our sleepwear. Using the finest natural fibres and the latest textile technologies you can keep the best temperature for sleep and enjoy a higher sleep quality.

2. What is your sleep routine?
I try to unwind well before going to bed, sometimes by doing some simple yoga and stretching exercise. Before going to sleep me and my partner end the day by listing 3 things we are grateful for that day. It’s a great way to end the day on a positive note and ease your mind. 
3. What is your advice for a good night's sleep?
It’s important to understand what works for you, some people can drink an espresso just before going to bed whilst others might not be able to have a sip of coffee after lunch without it keeping them up at night. I recommend going through the areas that impact our sleep such as our bedroom, habits & lifestyle, stress levels, exercise, food etc and see what really impacts you the most.

4. Late night or lie-in?
I’m definitely not a late nighter and love to be in bed by 10 to be honest!

5. What does quality feel like?
Quality is form and function merging and for us that means actually sleeping better. You feel the differences from putting on our sleepwear, the softness of the garment, to the feeling of waking up more refreshed.

6. How does your brand make a difference to the world?
Sleeping better is the easiest way to feel better in every way. For us at Dagsmejan we are not only passionate about sleeping better but also doing it in a totally natural and sustainable way. Our garments are using sustainable, natural fibres and are ethically produced in Europe.

7. Fluffy or firm pillows?
Always fluffy, the softer the better 😊