· By Undercover Living

Five sustainable brands your home will love


Danish brand TAKT want to bring high-quality furniture to “more people in revolutionary, sustainable and transparent ways”. We love the tactile character of their designs and the multi-sensory appeal this brings. There’s a timeless feel to their aesthetic making it inherently sustainable. All products are certified with the EU Ecolabel.





Buying curtains can be frustrating and confusing. Stitched make this process super easy through their online tool. They offer made-to-measure curtains and blinds using sustainable fabrics, all crafted in the UK. They call their zero-impact fabrics “feel good fabrics” so you can feel good about them in your home.




Armadillo use natural materials and sustainable processes for their rugs to stand the test of time. Subtle, natural colours and textures add an understated look to any interior space. As Armadillo say, their rugs “lie lightly on this earth” - sums up their beautiful ethos.




Paint brand COAT prides itself in using eco formulations and recycled packaging and using sustainable logistics. They’re even carbon offset! We love their curated approach to colour. No more picking from hundreds of shades - they’ve preselected the nicest shades so you don’t have to.




Conventional cleaning products contain large amounts of water so instead of shipping all this water around, Homethings sends you non-toxic cleaning tabs to drop in a bottle with water from your tap. The startup has saved 70000 plastic bottles to date. The packaging is pretty slick too - might this make cleaning a little bit more exciting?