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Five steps to creating your cosy and stylish bedroom

How do you go about creating a bedroom that's both cosy and stylish? We spoke to Interior Designer and Stylist, Sungeun from lifestyle-si.com for her five top tips!


1. Create your colour scheme and layer up textures and patterns

Choose a color scheme that fits your personality. I would recommend choosing a core or base colour for 60% of the colour scheme, 30% for secondary colours, and 10% of one or two pops of colours as accent colours. Alternatively, if you prefer a more neutral, monochrome scheme, I would advise picking different tones of the same colour group for a layered but cohesive look.

Within your color scheme, you can layer pillows, cushions, and throws, as well as window treatment to add beautiful textures. When you add patterns, make sure you go for a good quality fabric. Rugs are a great way to ground a room and add an even cosier touch. 


For an upscale look, you can try your hand at painting the walls. Make sure to repeat your wall colours with a decor piece, throw or cushions for a cohesive look and feel. Limewash paints are a great option if you’re after a more soft and natural atmosphere. Testing colour samples in your room is an absolute must.


2. Choose the right type of bed and invest in high-quality bed linens 

Test different types of mattresses and pick the right design and height of your bed. You can also just get a bed base and purchase a headboard separately, or you can design your own headboard to achieve a more customised look. 

Invest in some basic yet high-quality bed linens. The bedroom should be your space to relax and unwind, and remember - you spend ⅓ of your day in bed! So, opt for natural, breathable materials. It doesn’t all need to be neutral though: see your bedroom as an opportunity to express your personality with bold colours and patterns. Double-sided bed linens are a great choice (e.g. the Lido set by Undercover, which is blue on one side and peach on the other). You can flip them to suit your mood.


3. Think of form and function when it comes to furniture

Consider what furniture would best support your personal lifestyle needs. For example, do you love to read in bed and need reading lamps? Do you tend to keep lots of items around your bed? If so, will you need side tables with drawers? How about a comfy chair or side bench?


4. Infuse your personal touch 

Why not get creative when it comes to choosing furniture and lighting? Not everything needs to match perfectly - in fact, asymmetry is often what makes a room more interesting and pleasing to the eye. For example, two different bedside tables, or a pendant light hanging above one side of the bed and a wall lamp on the other side. Imperfections give your bedroom a unique yet cosy atmosphere. 

Infuse your personality into the room with finishing touches. Hang photos or artwork on the wall, put your favourite books on the side table, and create well-balanced compositions with different heights and material objects. 

Always keep your color scheme in mind. Matching the colours of your artwork with other elements in your bedroom will allow those colours to pop but tie together with the rest of the room. 

5. Take your sleep to the next level

Get cables under control and clear the clutter. Leave only things that spark joy! Bedrooms, in particular, should always feel calm and tidy.

Plants not only look great but also purify the air and can help release stress. Find well-designed planters that cover ugly plastic pots and display them where they can be seen: on top of shelves, hanging from the ceiling or within a standing planter. 

Also, a small bouquet of fresh flowers or greenery adds a lovely fancy touch to any bedroom! 

Last but not least, touch your senses. Pillow sprays, scented candles, or aroma diffusers will give your bedroom that extra special atmosphere and voilà: you’re ready for a nice deep sleep.  



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